Yolanda Yolanda, What?, Pour La Terre

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Yolanda Yolanda, What?, Pour La Terre

Front Room
07:30 pm

FRIDAY MARCH 6th, 2020
18+ | 7:30 DOORS | $8/$10

What? (New Paltz)

What? Oh, you haven’t heard?

After meeting in the fall of 2016 during their freshman year studying music at SUNY New Paltz, Ryan Perrone and Dan Steen founded What?. Three years and multiple lineup changes later, they solidified their group and their sound. Heavily influenced by R&B and funk, What?’s music draws inspiration from multiple genres: jazz, rock, hip-hop, ska, pop, and more. The group consists of Ryan Perrone on lead vocals, keys, trombone and trumpet, Dan Steen on guitar, Jeremiah Mahoney on bass, Alex Endres on drums, Russell Hartman on soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone, Owen Moore on tenor saxophone, and Jared Nelson on percussion, synthesizer and guitar.

With a solid following in New York, What? is known to bring high-energy every time they hit the stage with their three-piece horn section. From their improvisational jams to soulful R&B grooves, What?’s complex arrangements will keep you on your feet and dancing throughout the entire set. With a heavy catalogue of originals and choice covers under their belt, What?’s horn-driven tunes will make any audience excited, energized, and hungry for an encore.

Yolanda Yolanda (Kingston)

Flown to the U.S. at the age of four by a single mother, the Chilean-born singer/songwriter has overcome oppressive forces that have pushed him and his family back for being hispanic immigrants. Now at 22 years old, he aims to share his life as a stranger in a strange land. From his non-existent relationship with his father to the way politics have undermined the stability of the people, Ariel Acevedo touches on the sensitive and controversial themes of immigrant life.

Pour La Terre (Accord/New Paltz)