White Denim, UNI

/ Jun

White Denim, UNI

Front Room
07:30 pm
$20 adv / $25 door

Wed June 27th

BSP Kingston presents

White Denim

$20 adv / $25 door | 18+ | 7:30 Doors / 8:30 Show

Tickets are on-sale now :: http://bit.ly/2IAqljE
Also available locally (cash only, no fees) at
outdated: an antique café // Rocket Number Nine
Jack’s Rhythms// Darkside Records// Woodstock Music Shop

White Denim has clearly listened to and learned from the best albums ever made from T. Rex to XTC to Little Feat to Jim O’Rourke…but they write songs just dumb enough to drink, dance, and fight to. Rock and roll music that aims for the whole body.

“White Denim are one of the best live bands you will ever see if you live to be a million. That’s not excitable hyperbole, merely a bald statement of undeniable fact…” — Time Out

“The last great rock & roll band!” — The Guardian

The cigarette butts, the used condoms, the melted vinyl and the headlines of a million millennial mornings were churned in a blender like primordial ooze… Out of that psychotropic smoothie straw test tube crawled a hermaphrodite child who laughed in the face of modernity. It’s name was Uni. Where Uni looked it saw glitter and blood. Sutures on the dance floor and diamonds in the graves. Where Uni stepped it left flowers and what it touched burned violet and yellow. Uni used their guitars like a Tesla coil to summon electricity from the sky with cathedral amplifiers floating into an ocean of feedback and delay. That very flood freed three slaves and welded them into a single psychedelic hydra:

Kemp Muhl (of The Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger)
Nico Fuzz
David Strange