ULTRAAM, SONAR (Zurich), David Torn

/ Aug

ULTRAAM, SONAR (Zurich), David Torn

Front Room
07:30 pm
$10.00 (no adv)

BSP Kingston presents

an evening of sonic experimentation and exploration with
Ultraam / Sonar (Zürich) / David Torn

$10 (no adv tix) | 18+ | 7:30 Doors / 8PM Show

ULTRAAM is a free-improvising, psychedelic, noise-rock, spazz-jazz band featuring members of Mercury Rev, Chron Turbine, Snowflake and various nefarious secret societies and self help groups come together to make joyful noise.


SONAR stands for SONic ARchitecture: sounding architecture, sometimes delicate and interlaced, sometimes raw and powerful.

The music does not attempt to convey feelings and tell stories, but rather draw up musical landscapes, explore polyrhythmic soundscapes and create delphic atmospheres.

The special and peculiar character of the band is due to the tuning of the stringed instruments: guitars and bass are tuned in tritone intervals (C / F # / C / F # / C / F #). The overtone series of these two tones produces a limited, yet harmonically ambiguous universe that gives the band its distinctive sound.


David Torn (also, aka “splattercell”) is a composer, texturalist, guitarist, producer & whatnot of actual international stature, renowned for his unique musical voice which seems to span & un-define a range of idioms & styles.

His characterful & compositionally textural work has had material impact & influence upon both film scoring—through his own scores, in addition to his creative contributions to scores by Carter Burwell, Ryuichi Nakamoto, Cliff Martinez, Howard Shore, Mark Isham, and others—and generally, upon contemporary electric, electro-acoustic & electronic music.