TWRP & The Protomen {Back Room Theater}

/ Jul

TWRP & The Protomen {Back Room Theater}

Back Room Theater
07:30 pm

Friday July 19th

BSP Kingston presents

TWRP / The Protomen
“Together At Last” Tour / Back Room Theater!
Entry via ‘Somewhere Alley’ on Crown St (back of building)

$17 adv / $20 door | All Ages | 7:30 Doors / 8:30 Show

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TWRP & Protomen – Meet & Greet Package:
– One general admission ticket
– VIP early entry into the venue
– Exclusive pre-show meet & greet with TWRP & Protomen
– Group photo with TWRP & Protomen (no individual photos)
– Autograph session with TWRP & Protomen
– Limited edition tour poster
– Exclusive TWRP merchandise item
– Exclusive Protomen merchandise item
– Official VIP meet & greet laminate
– Very limited availability

TWRP & Protomen – Early Entry Package
– One general admission ticket
– VIP early entry into the venue
– Limited edition tour poster
– Official VIP early entry laminate
– Limited availability

Although they’re based in Toronto, Canada, ’80s-inspired synth rock/electro funk outfit TWRP (“Tupper Ware Remix Party”) transcend time and space. Known for their wild live shows and unpretentious party music, TWRP was created by frontman, vocalist, and keytar wielder Doctor Sung, who was born around the time of the Big Bang. The 69th degree black belt recruited the group’s second member, robot drummer Havve Hogan, sometime during the Mesozoic Era.

The pair would not fully flesh out the band until much later, when the lion-headed, intergalactic, funk-smuggling humanoid Commander Meouch joined as TWRP’s bassist and the fourth and final member, rocketeering Lord Phobos, filled the guitarist slot. Together, the four spandex-clad time-and-space travelers made their debut in 2011 with the “Lazerhorse” single, a combination of melodic chiptune and ’80s hair metal. The following year, TWRP unveiled their first funky EP, The Device, which saw the quartet develop their sound in the direction of a Discovery-era Daft Punk cover band.

A pair of EPs arrived in 2015. 2nite featured appearances by Skratch Bastid and Ninja Sex Party, an American duo who would become frequent collaborators with TWRP. Another NSP track was included on 2015’s other EP, Believe in Your Dreams, which also featured White Hot Guilt. TWRP’s first extended collaboration with NSP was released in 2016. The Under the Covers EP included their interpretations of ’80s classics from a-ha, Tears for Fears, Van Halen, Michael Jackson, and others, with TWRP serving as the duo’s backing band. TWRP released their fourth EP that year as well. Guardians of the Zone included “Rock n Roll Best Friends” and an updated version of The Device’s “The No Pants Dance” that added NSP to the mix. In early 2017, their fifth effort arrived. Ladyworld debuted at number five on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

The Protomen is an American rock band best known for composing original rock operas based on the popular video game series Mega Man. Because of the group’s insistence on wearing costumes and using code-names, even when being interviewed, The Protomen remain a mysterious entity within the video game music scene. Their costumes and general stage presence has been compared to that of Daft Punk. Despite often being classified as a niche, the Protomen have achieved a cult following thanks, in part, to frequent mentions in popular video game web sites as well as a dedicated fan base.

Little is known about the Protomen, other than the band is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Because the band often responds to interviews and questions in-character, their own descriptions of their history are delivered with the dramatic flair of their storyline concept and their comments can not always be taken at face value. Their code-names are largely references to pop culture films, song titles, and fictional characters.

The band is composed mostly of MTSU recording program graduates, and first came to be so they could meet class deadlines and the need to record for grades. They produced their first album over two years in various Murfreesboro studios, using analog rather than digital production. Most of the band had graduated and moved to Nashville by 2005.

Group member Commander has stated that their first album was deliberately designed to sound like “distorted pencil sharpeners about 90% of the time” and “was made specifically to go against everything our recording teachers and fellow students were trying to feed us about making everything sound pristine and ‘perfect.’. The tracks were mixed on analog tape.

In a 2009 interview, lead vocalist Panther stated, “We basically gathered up all of our good friends from the local rock bands of Murfreesboro, tied ourselves together, and tried to walk. And somehow it worked. At the time, we noticed a void in rock and roll. A hole that could only really be filled with grown men and women painting up like robots and playing some fierce and furious rock music based on a 1980’s video game. We were fairly certain no one else was going to fill that hole. But, by god, it’s filled now. You can thank us later.”

The band has strong ties to the Murfreesboro and Nashville independent music scene, and some members are integrated into several bands simultaneously.