The Sweet Clementines, Dean Jones Hocket Ensemble, Ella Ray

/ Jun

The Sweet Clementines, Dean Jones Hocket Ensemble, Ella Ray

Front Room
07:30 pm

BSP Kingston presents

The Sweet Clementines
Dean Jones Hocket Ensemble (Dog on Fleas)
Ella Ray Kondrat

$8 | 18+ | 7:30 Doors / 8PM Show

The eccentric New Paltz (sm)art-pop quintet The Sweet Clementines is led by songwriter/guitarist and music critic John Burdick. Somewhere between electric Chopin and a shambolic pop classicism, unafraid of either “J” taboo (jazz or jam), The Sweet Clementines augment traditional rock instrumentation with vibraphones, violins, sophisticated vocal counterpoint and electronic accents, all in support of a huge body of smart and elegant songs with obvious debts to the Beatles, XTC, and Kurt Weill. Four years after though it were the kiss of death raised the band’s profile in upstate New York, earning critical raves, extensive airplay on independent radio, and prestige bookings throughout the region, The Sweet Clementines released the dense and bold Lake Victoria in 2016, prompting Chronogram to remark, “that the Sweet Clementines are still not signed to a national record label is just criminal.”

The producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dean Jones has been a prolific and unpredictable force on the Hudson valley music scene for decades. A Grammy-winning producer (and multiple-time nominee), Jones is internationally known as a maker of uncompromising, sophisticated, and irresistibly hip kids’ music, both with his own band Dog on Fleas and with the multitude of artists who flock to his No Parking Studio in Rosendale for a touch of Jones’s musical magic: classic folk elegance, world groove, wild musical imagination ala Monk, Mancini, and Sun Ra; and a layer of found-sound, sonic playfulness that can only be called avant-garde. As Dog on Fleas bandmate John Hughes remarked, ‘Sometimes, Dean has to dumb it down for the adults.”

Jones is no stranger to the clubs and adult stages. As a first-call trombonist, he performed for years with such regional legends as Soñando and Perfect Thyroid before devoting himself full-time to production. As songwriter and bandleader, he has played in and composed for countless “adult” bands, many with outrageous experimental leanings: Harmonica Virgins, the For Sale by Owner Orchestra, and most recently, Curling for Amateurs, in which Jones performs his timeless and lovely original songs and indulges in his passion for hocketing, the musical performance technique in which each player accounts for one note (like a bell choir) and melodies and rhythms are sounded in sequence by the collective. This show will combine Jones’ original songs with some pretty crazy hocketing featuring a large assemblage of his friends and some members of the Sweet Clementines.

Ella Ray Kondrat’s self-generated genre blends her background in Eastern European acapella arrangements and her ear for rustic Latin, blues, and gypsy sophistication with the modern, stark beauty of Cat Power and the heartache of Mazzy Star. The sum is a progressive, world-accented folk sound with unpredictable harmonic and melodic turns and an other-worldly quality, like the folk music of an unknown dimension. The Kingston-based performer is currently recording her debut full length, ‘Hum to Your Heart,’ scheduled for a spring 2018 release.