The Blow, Wave Sleep Wave

/ Dec

The Blow, Wave Sleep Wave

Front Room
08:00 pm - 11:30 pm
$8.00 // $10.00

Tues Dec 2nd

Output Agency Ltd. presents

The Blow!

with special guests Wave Sleep Wave

18+ || 8PM DOORS // 9PM SHOW

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The Blow is an electronic duo comprised of Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne. A shape shifting entity, The Blow has been many different things over time and is sometimes multiple things at once, but is at its heart always one simple thing which is a qualilty of intimacy made tangible, most frequently in the form of a pop song. The current line up of The Blow looks a lot like a band, or as much like a band as The Blow ever has, with both members playing instruments together onstage. Maricich plays keyboards and Dyne controls a wizard’s rig of modular synthesizers and sampling hardware. Together they produce sounds in tandem, passing the frequencies back and forth between them before sending them out through the sound system. In the The Blow’s current series of shows, titled “Unplugged,” Maricich and Dyne perform songs from the extended Blow catalog simmered down to their vital elements. Halos of sonic ambience hover around each cluster of lyrics and melody like auras illuminating the essential qualities of each song. The shows are meditations on the amorphous material of The Blow’s songs as well as on the experience of listening itself; they are spaces for the performers to tune into the minutiae of each other’s shifting spheres of focus, responding in time as the sounds build between them, noting and responding as well to the audience’s quality of listening, synthesizing these waves of electricity and attention into feedback loops of delicately reverberating energy.


Wave Sleep Wave are a duo who sound like a gang. They are at once highly conceptual and deeply compelling. Most elements of traditional song structure have been dispensed with in favor of something akin to a snowball rolling down a mountain––gaining weight with each revolution, changing with every inch of diameter added, faithful to its former self while becoming ever and ever more. The music is a constant blending of opposites––arresting beauty mixed with harrowing noise, intricate composition underpinning free improvisation, major and minor, consonant and dissonant, organic and technological, all in coexistence not just in the same band, but in almost every moment.