Pi Power Trio, Tulula!, Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help

Pi Power Trio, Tulula!, Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help
/ May

Pi Power Trio, Tulula!, Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help

Front Room
07:30 pm

The PI Power Trio is Pat Irwin (guitar, electronics), Sasha Dobson (drums, vocals) and Daria Grace (bass, vocals). The band draws on the rich tradition of Instrumental Rock and Roll and then blows it up. The PI Power Trio plays modern music.

Pat Irwin was a founding member of the seminal No Wave bands The Raybeats (with George Scott, Jody Harris, and Don Christensen from The Contortions) and 8 Eyed Spy (with Lydia Lunch and Jim Sclavunos from Teenage Jesus and George Scott from The Contortions.) Irwin was a long time touring member of the B-52s, joining the band in 1989 and helping to bring the hits “Love Shack” and “Roam” to mass audiences around the world.

Fader Magazine recently described Irwin as “a pioneer,” a term that Rolling Stone also used to describe The Raybeats. The legendary rock critic, Robert Palmer, writing in the New York Times, referred to Irwin as a “mercurial presence on the New York rock scene of the early ’80’s. The bands he helped found, The Raybeats and 8 Eyed Spy, resembled each other only in that both had an aversion to the predictable and ordinary.”



Tulula! has been stomping around Rip Van Winkle’s dreamland since 2006. The Acid-Cowboy quartet comes off like a mosh pit at a gypsy carnival followed by a séance with the 27 club. Between them, these four veterans of underground music have toured the world, recorded over twenty-five albums and eaten like princes with paupers. Tulula! is sure to whisk you one dance away from the happy farm. Tulula! is currently playing shows and promoting their debut full length album, Singing Songs In The Dark.



Call Morrow a local legend, and he’d probably demur: he’s a modest guy, and he prefers to let his songs do the talking. But in Hoboken – a town that has always celebrated idiosyncratic rock musicians – people know better. Morrow has been central to musical movements in the Mile Square City for more than three decades, both as a songwriter and performer and as the head honcho of Bar/None Records, an imprint that has always flown the flag for courageous artists. He was one of the first musicians to play at Maxwell’s, the epicenter of the scene for decades, and when Maxwell’s closed its doors in 2013 to great fanfare (it’s since reopened under new management) it was Morrow onstage with his old bands the Individuals and “a” to bring the curtain down.