Summer Solstice: Mamalama Y Andes Manta

/ Jun

Summer Solstice: Mamalama Y Andes Manta

Front Room
07:30 pm
$15 adv / $20 door

A special summer solstice concert with

Mamalama + ANDES MANTA!

$15 adv / $20 door | All Ages |
7:30 Doors / 8:30 Concert

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Seamlessly weaving together the ancient with the modern in a collaboration between sacred and world music, from the rhythms and hauntingly beautiful melodies of the South American Andes and the rainforest, Native American chants and modern lullabies for melting glaciers and ocean deities, to the spiritual visions and sung prayers articulated in cathedrals, temples, and other sanctuaries, ‘Mamalama Y Andes Manta’ is an uncommon, otherworldly and uplifting experience through music.

Mamalama is an ethereal modern day sacred music composed for traditional European/Paraguayan harps, piano, shruti box, and ethereal human voices, orchestrated by an ever-evolving world music ensemble. The songs recount vivid experience found within dreams, meditation, and prayer, while exploring sacred world mythologies and visionary experience. Seamlessly blending the ancient with the modern, the music is as much a vehicle for contemplative practice and soul medicine as it is a performance.

” A stunningly beautiful, intoxicating sound, that will lull you to a place of peace…” -Chronogram Magazine

Andes Manta is a virtuosic ensemble of four brothers from South America who play over 35 traditional Andean instruments, including the hauntingly beautiful sounds of zampoñas/pan-pipes, moxseño, quena, charango, guitar, mandolin, ocarinas, tribal percussion, and many others. Andes Manta has collaborated with artists like Paul Winter (St. John’s Cathedral), performed at hundreds of universities and schools, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Discovery Channel, and The National Cathedral, among others. They are well known all over America for their virtuosity and extraordinary performances. The music of Andes Manta is an experience that never fails to bring audiences to their feet.