Mamalama, The Virginia Wolves, Peirson Ross

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Mamalama, The Virginia Wolves, Peirson Ross


Output Agency Ltd. presents

Mamalama // Peirson Ross // The Virginia Wolves

$10 || 18+ (under 18 with Parent, OK) || 7PM DOORS

With its intoxicating acoustic fabric of harp, violin, cello, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, flutes, frame drums, and ethereal choral voices — not to mention its overflowing magic chest of exotic instruments — Mamalama weaves a vibrant tapestry of Anglo-European folk and classical, early music (Renaissance/medieval), psychedelia, modern minimalism, world music (South American, West African, Native American), and mystical, image-rich poetry. It’s an irresistible spell that carries the listener to realms both calming and stimulating.

“You don’t encounter this everyday, I haven’t encountered it as often as I’d like but here’s a guy who seems to embody music. Another way to describe it is that music takes over his body. It’s as if he can’t help himself when the music runs through his veins. It’s an impressive thing to listen to and an equally impressive thing to watch”.
-Rich Terfry of CBC Radio

Peirson is a poet with six-string’s vocals who reminds fans of a cross between Dave Matthews, Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake”.
-iTunes Single of the Week Review

K&T 1 C

Leader of the pack, Kelly McNally (vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard, foot tambourine) will be joined by percussionist Tommy Be (Kanjira: South Indian Frame Drum) Pandeiro, Djembe) this Sat June 7th @ 7:30pm at BSP.
Kelly is currently producing her second album, “Songs From the Great Recession” to be released this Fall 2014 (My Own Label Records).

“The Rosendale/New Paltz-area The Virginia Wolves proudly touts the band as “Organic Rock,” which rightly nails its ultra-earthy acoustic folk-psych sound. The group also makes its macrobiotic philosophy physically manifest with the packaging of its debut Curse of the Kill, which arrives in a handmade, recycled brown paper sleeve printed with soy-based ink. Vocal supporters of environmental protection and animal rights, the Wolves walk their talk but lyrically don’t beat you over the head with the guilt club, as other, more self-righteous, hippie rockers are wont to do.” -Peter Aaron (Chronogram/Roll Magazine)