Imarhan Timbuktu (from Mali) (EARLY SHOW)

/ Mar

Imarhan Timbuktu (from Mali) (EARLY SHOW)

07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Output Agency Ltd. + Clermont Music present

IMARHAN ( tombouctou , Mali)

$10 // 18+ // 7PM Doors || 7:30 Show

At clubs and parties in Northern Mali, IMARHAN TIMBUKTU have provided the grooving soundtrack to life there over the past 10 years. With their sister group, TARTIT, they have toured Europe and North America bringing the contemporary music of Timbuktu to world audiences. Grounded in traditional Saharan repertoire, the band developed their unique sound, a contemporary expression influenced by the music of the world. As witnesses to the incredible political forces shattering their world, IMARHAN TIMBUKTU create riveting music. The electric instruments blend with traditional hand drums. The chorus breaths notes of nostalgia, loss, celebration and pride. The many experiments and collaborations with which the group members have been involved over the years move this Tuareg desert blues to fresh coordinates.

Anyone who was here for the Mamadou Kelly show in September knows that these are incredible musicians, who are currently being exiled from performing in their native country. Once in a lifetime opportunity to see these musicians! Spread the word!