HVPF Presents: White Hills, It’s Not Night: It’s Space, The Golden Grass, +MORE

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HVPF Presents: White Hills, It’s Not Night: It’s Space, The Golden Grass, +MORE

08:00 pm - 11:30 pm
$8.00 adv // $10 dos

Hudson Valley Psych Fest + Output Agency Ltd.

It’s Not Night: It’s Space
The Golden Grass
Eidetic Seeing
Queen Elephantine

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FRI 04.18 || 8:00 DOORS || 18+


“A label like “space-rock” deserves music that’s as nuanced and limitless-feeling as space, and space-rock deserves a band like White Hills. Not only do they add urgency to familiar psychedelic rock templates, but they pay just as close attention to the quiet moments as the raging ones” -Pitchfork


((It’s Not Night: It’s Space)) – The Hudson Valley natives are in the midst of brewing up a potent new record, their first to be released on Detroit-based label Small Stone Records. The new record promises to go deeper into the more heady and textured spaces the band has touched upon over the course of their current output. While there’s no doubt that some songs still contain their familiar cosmic heaviness, currents from other galaxies are weaving their way into their wordless tapestries. Regardless of textures, the goal remains dedicated to sonic storytelling, as the trio brings tales to the tribe from the realms beyond the veil. This is the second year they have curated the Hudson Valley Psych Fest.

((The Golden Grass)) – You know that feeling when an old song comes on the radio, familiar and welcome like an old corduroy jacket, cruising through the darkness on a warm summer night, smells drifting in and out of the car, moonlight flooding all around, everything fueled by the urge to pick up and get going. That’s exactly what The Golden Grass set out to capture and they succeed with a sweet and savory proto-metal boogie that is sure to bliss you the fuck out.

((Eidetic Seeing)) – Returning to Hudson Valley Psych Fest from last years inagural event, Eidetic Seeing have been gracing the region for two years now as their kinship with It’s Not Night: It’s Space has served up some potent shows. Their latest LP, Against Nature, is receiving critical acclaim and is the culmination of their ability to wrangle disparate elements into their service. The songs twist and turn, suddenly explode with awesome force, only to die down to a whimper. A dizzying and delightful, truly psychedelic experience.

((Queen Elephantine)) – The world melts away. You stand in true nakedness before the splendor of timeless creation. The experience of the sublime always involves terror as much as it involves beauty. Queen Elephantine is music devoted to the void. While they lean heavy towards what some might call “doom” music, it remains distinctly psychedelic in the way H.P. Lovecraft is psychedelic. The band is based in Providence these days so the comparison is apt. The cosmic horror that lies beyond the veil is only horrible when you cling to what you know. Queen Elephantine delivers long slow burning hymns that seek to tear away the maya of this world with the benevolent ferocity of some fanged and clawed Tibetan deitey.