Geezer, Clouds Taste Satanic, Witchkiss

/ May

Geezer, Clouds Taste Satanic, Witchkiss

Front Room
07:30 pm

BSP Kingston presents

Geezer with special guests
Clouds Taste Satanic + Witchkiss

$8 | 18+ | 7:30 Doors / 8PM Show

In a dark corner of an old dusty metal shop, alongside the menacing blasts of industrial age freight trains, that’s where the sound was forged…

Where the rusted steel of a bygone era meets the ancient spirits of legendary mountains, that’s where the reckoning came to be…

As a whole greater than it’s parts, a beacon arose from the valley below and brought forth a new sense of old ways and a recalibration of doctrine.

In other words… Geezer lay down thick heavy grooves rooted in the tradition of pre-war slide guitar blues, while simultaneously breaking boundaries through sonic experimentation and improvisation.