FTV Presents Have a Heart Save a Heart

/ Mar

FTV Presents Have a Heart Save a Heart

Kingston, NY
08:00 pm
Minimum $10 donation

Grady J. Brink was born on October 24, 2013 with a complete ECD and mitral valve leakage (EndoCardial Cushion Defect). This means that he has holes in his heart that will require surgery before a year old to repair it. In the meantime he endures countless Doctors appointments, procedures and medications. Grady needs to see multiple specialists, which requires Josh and Megan to drive to westchester and when he is hospitalized, stays at westchester children’s hospital as well. He has doctors appointments almost every week. The countless appointments, the need for him to be exposed to as little germs as possible and his difficulties prevent Megan from returning to work. He will recover from his surgery better if he has no illnesses previous to it. Dj Buffalo and the Flood The Valley team will be playing hits from the 80’s , 90’s and today. There will be an art/bake sale and a raffle at midnight.


$10 minimum donaton | 18+