FREE THURSDAYS :: Rivergazer, Mail The Horse

/ Aug

FREE THURSDAYS :: Rivergazer, Mail The Horse

08:30 pm - 11:30 pm

FREE. Thats Right we said FREE. No cover. No strings attached. No Catch. Free.

Output Agency Ltd. presents

Rivergazer (New York, NY)

As a guitarist in Porches., Kevin Farrant spends a fair amount of time working out psychedelic pop songs. But Farrant’s also long been at work on his own batch of indie-pop songs, and on August 12, Father/Daughter Records will release the debut album from his other project, Rivergazer. Below, The A.V. Club premieres “Whimper,” one of the tracks on Random Nostalgia, and an updated take on the kind of garage-pop that’s been around for decades. Still, Farrant supplies it with plenty of flourishes that keep it moving forward, instead of getting stuck in the past.

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Mail the Horse (Brooklyn, NY)

Part folk, part indie, and part just about everything else, Brooklyn-based band Mail the Horse achieves a melodic blend of throwback rock and charged-up, soulful fervor.

There are rumors that there may be a special guest playing this show, I wonder who it could be?

18+ || 8:30 DOORS