E (Thalia Zedek), Peter Aaron Brian Chase Duo, Aircraft

/ Dec

E (Thalia Zedek), Peter Aaron Brian Chase Duo, Aircraft

Front Room
07:30 pm

Friday Dec 9th

Output Agency Ltd. presents

A Band Called E (Thrill Jockey Records) feat Thalia Zedek, Jason Sanford (Neptune) and Gavin McCarthy (Karate)
with Peter Aaron / Brian Chase Duo + Aircraft (Buffalo)

$8 | 18+ | 7:30 doors / 8PM Show

E, the trio of Thalia Zedek (Come, Uzi, Live Skull), Jason Sanford (Neptune), and Gavin McCarthy (Karate), have crafted an album that fuses an explosive, industrial sound with the patience and reservation only practiced songwriters can invoke. While each member has decades of experience in the alternative scenes of rock music, their collaborative efforts have combined in a work that is both unlike anything that’s come before them, and the result of three veterans working in total harmony. What sets E apart from their contemporaries is their almost youthful willingness to experiment, while having the maturity to show restraint and austerity. On their self- titled debut album, E have developed a sound that is both mechanically oriented and emotional, a combination they could only describe as “soul music for machines.”


The two had already admired each other’s previous work—Chase (drums) with famed art punk trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Aaron (guitar) with blues punk legends the Chrome Cranks—when they met as players in a performance by Oneida percussionist Kid Millions’ project Man Forever. Their next encounter came a few months later, when they were among six participants in a collective improvisation at cutting-edge Brooklyn venue Secret Project Robot. As the set finished with a spontaneous, extended duet between Aaron and Chase, it became immediately clear the pair shared a rare, uncanny telepathy that simply had to continue.


Aircraft is a four-piece Indie Art Rock band from Buffalo, NY. Their 2013 debut, “Sonic Boom,” was met with enthusiastic reviews and prompted a promotional tour throughout the northeast. Emphasizing thoughtful song-writing and energetic live performances, Aircraft defines their sound by simultaneously respecting and transcending their musical influences. Their songs are built on charismatic lead vocals supported by lush harmonies, melodic guitar work, and a powerfully attuned rhythm section. With an active touring schedule and new album in the works, Aircraft is committed to building their audience one show at a time.