Dance with Plants Presented by Whole Clarity

/ Feb

Dance with Plants Presented by Whole Clarity

Front Room
06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

We talked things over with the plants and the FLOWERS want IN!

We are celebrating LOVE in all it’s magical forms (especially SELF LOVE) at our February 28th event. We’ve partnered with Petalos Uptown to bring you a super special Orchid Gazing Meditation + the treats and drinks will incorporate Plant Aphrodisiacs like Damiana, Maca, Rose and Cacao + Rose Quartz Crystals will be included in all the nature inspired art.

We’re bringing you WAY MORE PLANTS this time around and we have NYC DJ BADSHA, ( + all new live performers jamming to the beats.


Are you are ready to release judgement? (for yourself and others)

Are you ready to dance your heart out?

Are you ready to feel free in your body?

Are you ready to connect with an amazing, creative community?

If your answer is HELL YES, then welcome to the party!


The Plan

We want to introduce you to the magic of Plant Aphrodisiacs! Herbs like Damiana, Maca, Rose and Cacao have wonderful benefits for our bodies.They oxegenate the blood, increase serotonin, provide energy and balance hormones. If you’re interested in feeling turned on and passionate in your life and body, join us for this intimate encounter with some of our favorite PLANTS.

6:30-7:15 Orchid Gazing Meditation

Have you ever stared at the wonder of an Orchid? They are UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL (just like you) and we are delighted to bring them into our meditation circle. Everyone will get their own to commune with while a Plant Vibration Meditation with Koto accompanyment by Peter Grok washes over us.



Once the plants have taken us on a magical meditation journey, DJ Badsha (seen at Cielo andTBA Brooklyn) will take over spinning DEEP and TRIBAL house beats guiding us through an incredible dance adventure with live performances through out the evening.

This time we have hand drums and are looking for a saxophone and trumpet player. (if you’re interested in gracing the drum circle with your rhythm and vibes or jamming with the DJ, contact

9:45-9:55 Live Performance

FOMO is real if you don’t stay until the end! We have a live performance to enjoy while we come down from a dancing high.

9:55-10 Singing Bowl Sound Meditation

We are closing out the night with a short and relaxing singing bowl sound meditation to set you up for the best night of rest, ever.

We recommend you wear your most comfortable dance shoes, attire and BEST ATTITUDE. Be ready to SWEAT!

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Get your ticket now! $20 in advance or $25 at the door. #seeyouonthedancewithplantsfloor February 28